Cycle riding to the moon

— Cycle for Stage Winners —

The race will be divided into 17 stages, and each stage will produce a winner. The rider who uploads their mileage to the LIVALL riding app that tops the overall distance in a particular stage will be the winner.

  Stage 1(10km) / Moon Stage / Return Stage:

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  Awards of other Stage Winners:

— Cycle for Qinghai Lake —

— Individual —

Top 10 ranking riders will automatically win the LIVALL sponsored 7-day Qinghai Lake cycling trip.

— Raffle Draw —

All riders who completed 100km will have a chance to win the Qinghai Lake Cycling Trip raffle draw. 10 winners will be randomly selected after the race finishes. Winner list will be announced within 24 hours on LIVALL riding app and LIVALL official website after the event.

— Cycle for Team Competition —

[Opt. 1]
Create and name your team and invite friends to join;

[Opt. 2]
Join an existing team vai Invitation Code;

* Team up with at least 2 persons and up to 6 at max.
* For cycling safety, the average valid speed must lower 40km/h.

— Team Awards —

Each member gets a set of Insta360 ONE Sports Camera and riding accessories.

Each member gets a $300 LIVALL Amazon coupon.

Each member gets a $200 LIVALL Amazon coupon.

— Sweet Tips —

1. The LIVALL APP must be updated to V3.0.0 or higher version.
2. Team up with at least 2 persons and up to 6 persons at max.
3. For cycling safety, the average valid speed must be lower 40km/h.
4. Please confirm bicycle and equipment safety issues before riding.
5. The rider must wear a helmet and gloves. LIVALL Smart & Safe Cycling Helmet is recommended.
6. Kindly carry food and water during cycling.
7. Please do not risk to ride if the weather is bad.
8. Do not risk to pursue speed mileage, ride rationally according to your physical condition.

— Remarks —

1. LIVALL reserves the right to the final interpretation of the cycling event.
2. Official Contact:
3. Organizer: LIVALL TECH CO., LTD.
4. Co-organizers: Insta360/Second hance(UK) / Ciclosport(DE) / LIVALL(NZ) / LIVALL(SA) / Pedal Power Association(SA).
5. Award Sponsors:

— Disclaimer —

1. I promise to have a physical examination through a formal medical institution and conduct a self-assessment in conjunction with the inspection report to confirm that my physical condition can adapt to cycling and is suitable for participating in this activity.
2. I volunteer to participate in this event and have sufficient ability to cope with various emergencies.
3. I confirm that the event is an online organization event and LIVALL will not undertake offline security work.
4. I acknowledge that I am responsible for any loss or loss of property that may be suffered during the course of this activity.
5. Liability - To the extent permitted by law, neither LIVALL Tech Co. Ltd. nor its sponsors will be liable for any loss, harm, damage, illness or injury however so caused (directly or indirectly), arising out of or in connection with or, suffered during or as a result of, the participation in the event.
6. Collection and Use of Information - My personal information (including medical information) can be stored and used by LIVALL for the purposes of customer services and event administration, customer research and for the compilation of statistical information.
7. Due to network or system failure, abnormal conditions may occur. Please feedback to the organizer in time, otherwise, we will not assume any responsibility.